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S Wallace Consulting Limited

We believe that every business should have the proper tools to run efficiently and effectively, no matter the industry or size. We know the importance of having proper Policies, Procedures, Processes and Training Manuals, we are passionate in providing this for your business. We have a clear focus on adding value to your business by using a broad range of skills, which includes training, facilitation, process, and policy writing.  We use simple, affordable, tailored and streamlined solutions suited to your business needs.

In today’s day, having the proper documentation and policies is important and a way of life. As a single operator, if you don’t have the paperwork – you may not get the work. S Wallace Consulting Limited helped me get my paperwork sorted out. Big jobs or small jobs, I am ready and compliant. Thanks Shireen.

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About Us

S Wallace Consulting Limited are Auckland based business consultants run by a Business Service Professional who prides herself in a Strong Work Ethic, and Quick Turnaround. Shireen Wallace has more than 30 years’ experience in the field, and is a Member of ARANZ. She believes in getting it right the first time and attention to detail is imperative.

Adding Value to your company is her goal. To help your company have Effective, Efficient, Tailor-made streamlined Policies and Processes. She offers a broad range of skills from training, facilitation, process and policy writing with a clear focus on supporting YOUR companies business goals and objectives by creating simple and affordable solutions.


A policy is a set of rules or guidelines for your organization and employees to follow in order to achieve a specific goal (i.e. compliance).

S Wallace Consulting Limited can train your staff on everything from Policies and Process Management to Health and Safety.

Electronic Document Management Systems can be used to organize, secure, digitize and classify company documents.

New Zealand businesses need to meet their legal obligation to securely store documents and correctly handle the documents and files they create.

Business processes are how your business makes money, achieves your objectives and delivers value to your customers.

We can help you create Health and Safety Policies and Processes tailored to your company’s needs.

A Covid-19 consultation will help establish protocols and train staff accordingly for the different Alert Levels.

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